The style on which I’m living during having been always decided.
Time is a sundial.
Rhythm is a full pull of tide…, and wouldn’t you like to have time?
I’m thinking when time to rest a heart and build can be offered.
While there are a lot of points that I don’t come, I reflect customer’s voice and go.

Fried pork cutlet and healing house I En.


Time:Around noon~Sunset


The fried pork cutlet set menu \3,000 Meat made in Shinshu is used.
The set menu of fried shrimps \1,500

Traditional recipe During member of a class recruitment!
[The training contents]
・Management of a frying oil and law ・Traditional recipe(Tour、Training)
[Training place]
Nagano-shi Shinmachi, Shinshushin-machi 634-1
[The training cost]
¥・・・・・・・・・Period 2 days
(6h+6h) The charge of board&The hotel charges Self-paying

※Application TEL:090-7013-3355/E-mail tonkatuen@gmail.com
※An opening cost are below the usual half price.

Healing Guest House

“Frequency of eased tensions” (dumbness) flows, and a guest house is the last relaxation!
The lifestyle on which I’m living during having been always decided.
Time is a sundial, and rhythm is a full pull of tide…, and wouldn’t you like to have time?

I’m thinking when time to rest a heart and build can be offered.

Business:Year-round. Sunday~Saturday
Nagano-shi Shinmachi, Shinshushin-machi 634-1
(In front of the Hachijuni Bank Shin-machi branch office)

Please make a reservation by a perfect reservation system and the previous day.
(It’s bad on the day.)

The reservation telephone:13:00~20:00 090-7013-3355

◆The outline
1.Restaurant (mainly, pork cutlet and fried shrimps)
2.Healing (guest) house 4000 yen for one night
A body is a revived frequency (dumbness), and healing does a body.
3.Sale of a healing CD
4.Cooking training center (Mijiro, traditional recipe in 100)

◆About a healing guest house.

Reservation:TEL(13:00~21:00) 090-7013-3355
Reservation:E-Mail (24 hours) tonkatuen@gmail.com
Check-in 17:00~21:00
Check-out 10:00
Curfew and turning off the lights 23:00
Gender-segregated roommate Dmitrii A Japanese-style room, 10 mats, 2 rooms / 1 room and 4 people
Price 4,000円
Pay one Washing machine 400円、Dryer 600円/1h
Something free WiFi・Lounge・Hot-water bottle
その他 ※It’s super in walking distance, I have 2 cases.
No smoking.

< Reservation >

Please apply from the following reservation form.

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Just before, please inquire the day’s reservation in the telephone

TEL 090-7013-3355

In mailing it I inform of the propriety of the stay within 24 hours in case of reservation.


As when there are no answers, it’s trouble very much, but you may call and inform me.

『cancellation policy』
1 Half day payment the day before
2 Full payment on the day

< HealingCD >

1.Water and mountain➡ “nature sound” are utilized.
Cure by sound
Melatonin of an immunity master hormone goes down brain waves by being able to relax about music, and seems to be secreted and be perfect state of health.

2-1.Jade coast (jade) and jade narrow (jade, today) nature sound CD (BGM Music)
I have the outstanding relaxation effect.* A frequency of eased tensions” has been added, more are made+ α and it has been built into the work which isn’t obtained by other ones.
The one “the tone of the water” entered in particular by a nature sound is necessary to activate an ageless creature necessary to a person “SOMACHITTO” for health.

2-2.Theta rhythm lead CD (by lowering brain waves, dramatically, eased tensions)
The frequency which makes θ wave (theta) lead CD + body fine+ α
Dalai Lama is introducing Tin Shah who reproduced this artificially (musical instrument in Tibet) to 14th generation as space sound.
Negative-> is positive.
※It’s the sound heard with a headphone while reading a book….

CD price \6,000
Healthy key word
Eased tensions“= stress easing = showing of the immunity power (recovery)= healthy living long
Cure by the sound from which try self healing change of air method of treatment was learned about empirically…
This effect was elucidating theory recently.


とんかつ&ヒーリングハウス えん


とんかつ&ヒーリングハウス えん